April 07, 2008

Springing on Spring

The trip to Europe has been amazing.
I just returned from Paris yesterday and will return to America Wednesday.
The first time I was in Paris was 2 years ago and I was worried that I would have built it up in my memory of how great it was when I returned this time.
But I didn't need to worry, I still love that city!

The gypsies threw us at first. They do this thing where they find a ring on the ground (usually at big tourist spots like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and the bridges) and then they ask if it is yours. They travel in groups. So while you are trying to figure out if you dropped one, others are looking on.

At first, I really thought I dropped a ring. My sister was like, "the ring was in front of us...plus, you don't own a gold ring"
Oh yeah.

In addition to learning how to dodge the people trying to sell us Eiffel Tower key chains that light up or sell us the braided friendship bracelets, we also felt good about our abilities to master the Metro.

The weather changed from beautiful blue skies to almost snowing cold air where your breath hangs in front of each word you speak.

I have now eaten some of the richest foods in the world and have also walked more than I usually would in a week (and I walk a lot in general). Forget that book about why French Women are slim...the truth is it's because everyone walks and takes the stairs up and down the Metro stations. And if you live in Montmartre (where the Sacre Coeur is) that Metro station is sooo far down that if you choose to take the stairs (like we did) in lieu of the elevator, you may be cursing your choice once you reach the top, but you will have a great looking ass.

My time with my niece and nephews has been amazing. And my sister and I laughed a lot and hardly fought...although she didn't appreciate me body checking her whenever she walked too slowly for my tastes in the crowded streets. She didn't appreciate that I refused to change a diaper (which I did today).

This time away from my life was exactly what I needed to appreciate it.

My March was a whirlwind and ended with this trip.

It was a wonderful way to usher in Spring and get a new perspective on what I want to do next.

See you back in the States in a few days.

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