April 21, 2009


The expectations were high.
My Neighbor Lisa and I are not the festival types.
But we like music.
And we loved the line-up for Coachella this year so we went against our natural instincts of avoiding crowds in the sun and decided it was worth the risk.
It was my birthday present from her.

On the way to pick up Jazzy, Lisa and I played the game of picking out people we noticed and guessing things about them. One thing in particular, actually.
"Do you think THEY are going to Coachella?"
"Yes, yes I do."
It wasn't a long game.
But it continued as we spotted more people with cut-off shorts, sun hats, sandals and big bags.

"Really, they could just be going to a friend's house. Or moving out of a boyfriend's house. Or going to the beach," Lisa suggested.

"Nope, they are going to Coachella," I would say to every suggestion.

With our lattes, Jazzy, some food for the road and our battle cry of "Woooooo", we rounded out our trifecta nicely and were on our way.

Once there, my crazy small bladder played the meanest of games on me.
The drive into the parking lot took a long time.
Just breathe, I kept telling myself.

But as we parked and Jazzy pointed to where we still had to walk to, I begged them to just cover me as I would squat.

They didn't.

"We are almost there," Jazzy said.
"Hmph," I snarled.
"Did you just grunt?" Jazzy asked incredulously.
Lisa laughed.
I grunted again a yes.

We found the outhouses and I was one happy lady.

Which was a good thing, since we still had a little walk ahead of us.

What we also didn't know was that it would take us an hour and a half of standing in the wrong line, to get in.

Ours was the worst line with only one person checking bags.
Every line next to us zoomed by with gloating smiles.
It was too late for us to move into any other lines once we figured out we were hosed.
"People who were leaving LA when we first got in line, are now inside," Jazzy quipped.
For feeling as sick as she did, she was throwing out the yuks like she was a Borscht Belt comic.
We took pictures of ourselves to make the time go by faster.

When we finally made it in, I felt a renewed energy.

Lisa knew exactly which tent she would be heading towards for the bulk of the day.

Jazzy and I parted with her.
While she got her boogie on, we grabbed lunch.

As We Are Scientists played on the main stage, I absorbed all the sights and the smells and the sounds.

The Do Lab camp made me smile

and Jazzy and I wandered through as people hosed us with misty water to keep us cool in the Indio sun.

Lucent Dossier was about to begin their performance and we paused briefly to watch it before heading over to see Airborne Toxic Event

It was all very very very cool.

The Ting Tings, M Ward, The Silversun Pickups, Conor Oberst playing behind me as Franz Ferdinand played to my right;

The beer garden

Leonard Friggin Cohen playing Hallelujah right at sunset.

And at 10pm, the headliner: Sir Paul McCartney!

It was like a dream.

He played for more than 2 hours!

He played some John Lennon songs and of course several Beatles and Wings tunes.
Everyone was singing along and you could see the emotion that each song had on various audience members as they rifled through their memories and took a spot with their nostalgia.

It was very magical.

As the show ended, I met up with Jazzy and Lisa at our designated meeting spot.

I didn't get the normal anxiety I normally would have trying to leave with thousands of others, while walking in mud and who knows what else that was squishy.

I was impatient, yes, but not anxious, which surprised me.

Jazzy, like a bloodhound, found my car. How she did, I will never know.
But she did.
And even though we were exhausted and still had an hour drive ahead of us to our luxurious motel in Beaumont, we let out our familiar but less enthusiastic battle cry of "Wooooo".

There is another story about our motel adventure with the clerk hitting on me and Jazzy and Lisa trying to guess what he was telling me from their vantage point in the car based on my facial expression. They thought I was doing impressions for him.

When I told the gals that I couldn't believe how the clerk kept talking to me at 3am since I looked exhausted, Jazzy said, "well, with your hair up, you have very awake hair, so he thought, you know...let's talk".

Or how Jazzy had Lisa and me in stitches the next morning as we deliriously packed our bags and headed to a Denny's.

Once back in LA, I slept long and hard. And it was good to have musical dreams.

I didn't think I was a festival person.

Turns out...I just might be.

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Loving LA

Nine years ago, in an existence that seems light years away from who I am today, I met Mads.
And we worked together for Big Name Director and his lady.

And we joked that we were "Dungeon Girls" and would wistfully look out the window at people who did not appear to have the invisible chain to their desks as we did.

But looking back, it was pretty fun in many ways.
I met Mads.
It was a creative environment.
I got to know LA in a way that most people never get to.
I attended fabulous parties and got awesome swag.
And we met some of the coolest people.

Like Cherry Vanilla.

She is an actress/musician/poet/author who used to be part of the Warhol crowd and is just pretty cool all the way around.

She had a reading on Sunday at Book Soup with Dito Montiel (punk musician and author of the book turned film, "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints").

I picked Mads up in the sweltering heat and off we zoomed to Sunset.

Cherry looked amazing.

The consummate hostess, she introduced us to several of her friends and gave each of us a little intro on each other.

Dito arrived and it felt like a party.

I turned around to see how many people had shown up after us and I noticed a very cute guy who looked like Ryan Gosling. Turns out...he looked like him, because it was Ryan Gosling.
Hummina Hummina that boy is caaayoooot!

Cherry kicked off the reading about her life.
It's pretty fucking amazing the experiences she has had.

Listening to Cherry read, I realized that this may not be quite the life she is living now but it sure is a ride to hear of her adventures. And for all the downs to her ups, she probably wouldn't give any of the experiences up.

It made me think about the things I do.
I am *trying* to be more balanced in my lifestyle and choices but sometimes, the best things to do are the most exciting, even if you know that heartache is around the corner.
Or maybe that is just how I am wired.
Or maybe it is dysfunction.
Me dysfunctional? Nah.

Dito followed her and read from his book and played guitar.

He evokes amazing emotions from his reading

and from his singing.

I felt a lump in my throat at some of his lyrics.

The day was a scorcher and we were all sweating in that little book store.
I watched my hand leave a moisture print outline on the shelf it was touching.

After the reading, Mads and I headed for some Mexican food.

Two margaritas each later, we had crazy plans for all our future creative endeavors.
Mads and I work well creatively together and we decided (even though we haven't told Evren yet) that we will produce and direct Evil Maria's next music video.

We had some grand plans for our photography. And writing projects.
I love drunk out-loud fantasizing. But hopefully, these ideas will become a reality soon.
I am pretty motivated of late.

And Mads gave me some good friendly advice about making sure I don't enjoy scenery on a dead-end road.

"But those dead-end road trips make the best stories"
"But I would like to see you have a happy ending" she said.

We toasted to that.

As I was driving her home, we passed by LACMA.

The Urban Lights exhibit is one of my favorite things to look at in LA.

I did a U-turn and made her pose for me.

After snapping several photos of ourselves (and each of us preferring to be the photographer rather than the model) I noticed it was getting late.
After my weekend recovery from Coachella, I was fading fast.

This year will mark 10 years that I have been back in LA.
I think the only time I have ever lived in a place longer was when I lived in LA while growing up.

10 years is a long time to realize many things about yourself.
The city, she is constant, but the lady, she changes.

And with a day of being reminded of the most beautiful things in LA, like friends, creativity, art and landmarks that I love, it is easy to feel good about those changes.

I feel very blessed.

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April 16, 2009

Nothing to See Here Taxman

I usually have to pay taxes.
So I like to wait until the very last minute to do them.
Keep my money as long as I can.
Until I can't.
But this year, as I was FINALLY doing them, I noticed that.........
I get a refund from both state and Federal!
Well, I get a refund and an IOU (thanks California!)

I normally feel like I come out ahead if I break even.

So, the fact that I didn't have to send a check; that I could attach the green sticker label to the envelope rather than the white sticker label; that I didn't have to pay attention to the "do not staple your payment" warning, well, it made me very very happy. The $$ will be an added surprise when I finally see it.

I walked my forms down to the post office in the chilly winds that were a-blowing last night.
I breathed in the cold, fresh night air.
And while side-stepping the sleeping homeless man who usually yells at me, I mailed it.

April 15th never felt so good.

Happy Birthday Tamara!

Tonight I am meeting with my Neighbor Lisa to discuss our Coachella adventure!!!
Right after I find the perfect Coachella adventure shoes.
With the money I saved in NOT paying taxes, it's like they are free.

I should have been an accountant.

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She Watches the Still Life Nobody Paints

Namesake and I looked at each other in the late afternoon yesterday.
We were both supposed to go to the Viper Room to see the Ruby Friedman Orchestra.
But we were both dragging.
Exhausted, really.
The others who were going to join us began to drop out for various reasons.

"I will keep drinking this Awake Tea and maybe have a latte later with quadruple shots," Namesake said, trying to let me know she would still be joining me, "but I can't guarantee I will have any energy."

I was feeling the same way.

But after work, we headed to dinner.

Arming ourselves with coffee, good conversation and yummy food, our energy began to perk a little.

Then we headed down Sunset towards the Strip.

The first band was in the middle of their set when we arrived.

The lead singer was proclaiming his love from the stage to his beautiful girlfriend in the audience.
A collective "Aw" was heard round the room.

Namesake gives me a look that is both cynical and envious.

But we are still impressed that he has not yet been jaded by life. Or so it seems.

They finish their set and I feel myself start to get butterflies waiting to see the RFO.

I am sooooo excited in a way that I haven't been in a long time.
I feel like I am 14 and I pray that I don't geek out.
Namesake promises to keep me in check.
I think she may need to do this via a slap to the face of some kind but instead, she buys me a drink.
Good call Namesake!
The vodka soda goes down smoothly as the curtain opens.

And from the first note to the last lingering chord, my face was in a perma-smile.
Namesake had the same face.
We mouthed some of the words.
We weren't alone.
A woman behind us was also singing along.

It was one of the best concerts I have ever gone to.

Was it the intimacy of the space?
The band?
Her energy?
Our energy?
Yes, it was.
To all the above.

The way that lady can turn a phrase, or phrase a note, or make something familiar turn very new is beyond me.

With her platform mary-janes and her curly red hair, she appeared 20 feet tall.
Maybe that was just how the show felt.
Like we were watching something giant and ethereal.

She was a pleasure to meet afterwards.
Still glowing but also down to earth.

She gave a cd to both Namesake and me.
We hugged her good-bye and thanked her for the awesome show.

We floated out of the venue and back to our car.

Our energy was no longer lackluster.
We played the cd, windows down, volume up and us singing along at the top of our lungs to her songs.

At a red light, we looked over and saw Kate Walsh from the show "Private Practice" in the car next to us. She was looking back at us. We turned the music up louder and smiled.
She was actually more beautiful in real life than I would have imagined.
The light turned green and we took off. Bye bye, Kate Walsh. We have some singing to do.

Heading east on Sunset, we intermittently sang and then said, "I wanna do the night all over again."

No coffee in the world could have jolted us like a drink of the RFO.

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"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!", is what Aubber, Leigh's little toddler said with her arms above her head with an excitement for something new to arrive at a restaurant as they brought out the garlic bread.

This weekend felt like that for me.

In my meditation group, we try to expand time.
It has worked for me before.
But this weekend, I forgot to try and time sped away from me.

Friday, I was dragging.
I have started to sport a look that KABoss calls, "little eyes."
She guesses how late I stayed out the night before based on how little they are in the morning.

With every intent to get some rest and do my taxes, I plopped my butt on my couch and started catching up on some emails. I think I was also staring at the screen in a state of awake dreaming.

As I was mastering this, I received a text from My Neighbor Lisa asking if I wanted to go to a book signing/exhibit of author and artist Brandi Milne called "Run Rabbit Run."
We headed over to ThinkSpace in Silver Lake and gabbed about our week and her uncertainty with the guy she had been recently dating.

Inside the gallery, we were told there had been an easter egg hunt where inside the eggs, were tickets to win something from the artist.

Lisa and I headed outside and both of us noticed the last two eggs that had been hidden.
I don't care how old I get, I am all over easter egg hunts.

I get very competitive even if I am unsure what the prize is. Just the acquiring is enough of an incentive.

Lisa had won a little bunny doll and I had won a gel of the artist's that fits on your laptop.

Very productive for a half hour jaunt considering my tired butt.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

Saturday found me getting an early morning facial and then heading out to Van Nuys where Leigh and her husband just bought a house. I helped them clean out the garbage the previous owners left behind.
It's a great house with good bones.
Good luck to them and bring on the parties!!!!

Once back home, I got ready for my night out with Reb and Jazzy to partake of the downtown LA art scene once again.

This time, it was a party Danny Masterson hosted at the Phantom Galleries featuring photography from Cyril Helnwein.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

Reb, Jazzy and I met some cute cute boys and chatted and swung our hair around like nevermind.
It was fun. The earlier part of the night had a band of cute boys but they were later replaced with a cool DJ.

We headed to Chinatown to see some more art, dance a little and do some more mingling and found it at Hop Louie's and started meeting a whole new group of cute boys.

And older men.

Bill the bartender was in love with Jazzy

And an artist named Henry Taylor brought us into his fold where we hung with very funny, cute men and another lady named Kiersten (spelled a little differently).

We danced. We chatted. We closed the place down.

And then in the din of people not sure where to go when the bars close, we were out in the night air with other revelers, saying good-bye to our new friends.

Sunday brought a whole new version of my new look of the little eyes.

KABoss had invited me to join her and hers at her friend's for Easter.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

It was a gorgeous day at a gorgeous house with a lot of smart, interesting, funny, international people.

I felt like I had been dropped into the Wishing Well from the night before and was in vacation land.

But with some wine, chocolate, yummy food, sun, and merriment, my fatigue got the better of me and I went home to take a 4 hour nap.

As you do when you wake up in the magic hour of dusk, your soul takes awhile to settle back into your body after a nap of that length.

But I was able to do some laundry and generally prepare for the week I ordain "Pre-Coachella."

Tonight, I am checking out the Ruby Friedman Orchestra at the Viper Room.
I am looking forward to hearing her live as I think the energy will be even more profound.

I must try and grab a hold of the time and expand it soon. There are just too many wonderful things to do and not enough time to do it.

But it all excites me.
Like a little toddler seeing garlic bread come to the table in a restaurant.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!"

It's JUST like that.

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April 10, 2009

My Friend Art

Though I come from an artistic family, I am not an artist.

Although I do love my photography, but I separate that for some reason as being more defined.

As a whole, Art and I have sort of co-existed, like that cute neighbor down the street that you know is cute but you can't really be bothered doing more than the obligatory wave when you both see each other getting the mail.

Mads used to take me all over to music and art events. And I went mostly because it was fun to hang with Mads and to feel sort of cool going on these excursions. But I never really appreciated the scene she was exposing me to.

Maybe it is just my own maturity, or because I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin.
Or maybe it was me trying to keep busy so I wouldn't think of Mr. Blondie but I have become a moth to downtown's art scene flame.

And that, in large part, I owe to PM.
She is my downtown sherpa, taking me here and there and showing me this and that.
And it's not only the art, but the music scene and the pubs and the cafes and the...whole landscape down there.

Last night was no different.

I showed up to meet her and her friend Monk at her haunted mansion.
We were still waiting for his buddy so I quickly caught them up on my love life faldera.

Once Chad arrived, we headed to Bottega Louis for dinner.
It has only been open 4 days and you wouldn't know that we are in the economy we are in. That place was not only huge, but it was full.
I felt like I was in NY, or Europe. And it was a perfect way to start off Art Walk.
PM's cousin and girlfriend arrived and there we sat, the perfect tableau of young urban happiness.

I am not a foodie, but I can appreciate a good cup of coffee and some yummy fennel pizza when someone puts it in front of me. And they did. So I did. Appreciate, that is.

After dinner, we headed to the crazy crowded galleries, wandering in from this exhibit to that installation. My body came alive. I love cities. I love people. I love people watching. I love being out. Put them all together and I am one happy art camper.

Some of the photography really grabbed me.
We rode one of the party buses that take you up and down Main Street.
I felt like I was in another person's life.
A guy was playing guitar and everyone smiled and wished us welcome.

We ended up at the Hive where there was a poetry reading going on.
"69, 69, 69, why is everyone so sexy?" was one the lines from the poet who was on stage.
PM and I walked on through after hearing a few more stanzas.
One room was all faux fur covered and you felt like you were inside the paw of King Kong.
It was pretty cool.
I don't have to love all the art to enjoy being part of the experience.
I guess that is something I never understood before. I used to feel so out of place at art scenes but now I was embracing all the loving smiles, even if they were induced by alcohol or something stronger.

Our plan was to head to the Garden Party in Skid Row that PM and I had attended last month, but I was getting pretty tired when we walked up to Cole's to check out Varnish.
The boys went in to the Association but PM and I stayed outside and she briefly caught me up on her life and all its faldera.

The boys returned to us and we headed back to PM's mansion.

I almost know my way around downtown's layout. Yes, I am quite slow and am terrible with directions. So I consider my downtown education as something of an acheivement.

Soon, I will be my own sherpa of LA's art, music and cool cafe scene.
It will take awhile.
And until that happens, I don't mind just sort of wandering around and absorbing it all.
And being guided by my friends and mentors is something of a luxury.

It's like now that Art, that cute neighbor and I have moved past waving and we are inviting each other over for game night.

We still don't hang out all that often, but enough that an interest is definitely growing.

And it's not all one sided. That neighbor seems to dig me too.

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April 07, 2009

Maxwell Smart's Shimmery Curtain of Life

I don't know when it happened but at some point, I walked through a shimmery curtain.

And everything changed.

Well, not everything.
On paper, all was as it had always been.

And yet, I felt like I held the world in my hands.

And the ride hasn't stopped yet.

That shimmery curtain sparkled some pixie dust on me and I started glowing.

Several years ago, a guy named Shok, found my comedy on myspace. He played in a Jeff Buckley cover band and I went with Jazzy to see him at the Knitting Factory.

He was really nice and was very familiar with us in the best way possible.
He seemed to be one of the busiest men in this town working on this project and that.

I had lost touch with him even though we were still friends on myspace.
He recently posted some pictures.
As I looked at them, I realized that not only was he an uber-talented musician, DJ, radio host, and whatever else he attempted, he was also an amazing photographer.
I emailed him, not sure if he even remembered me to let him know I loved his shots.

We chatted via email and then he invited me to one of his DJ nights at the Medusa Lounge.
I wasn't sure I had the energy since I had blown my energy wad on the night before but somehow, I mustered up some umph.

My Neighbor Lisa and I went to check it out Friday night. The Medusa Lounge is really cool and feels very medieval, almost like you would be in Henry the 8th's hunting lodge, if Henry were listening to Roxy Music and Evil Nine.

Shok recognized me and hung out with us for awhile. Again, he couldn't have been nicer and funnier.

After several hours of dancing, Lisa and I headed home.

The next day, I met Reb for lunch and an indulgence of a matinee (I felt so leisurely ladyish) at the Arclight.
I have said it before, and will continue to say it for as long as I know her: that girl is amazing. I once told her that I hope to follow whatever she does throughout her career. And I still mean that. Plus, she is a pretty great friend to me as well.
Kisses Reb!

After the film, even though she had invited me back to her place for a little afternoon cocktail that Toby suggested, I had to go get ready for my evening out downtown bopping from one bar to the next.

Once I was back home after a night of a lot of laughing, drinking, walking and dancing, I was pooped but still unable to fall asleep.

The next morning, with only a few hours of shuteye under my lids, I headed to pick up the Goddess Christine to head to our tea brunch for Penny.

I guess it's no surprise that when you put several comedy writers and performers in one room, you are gonna do a lot of laughing. And that is not only because of the mimosas. You can dress us up to look fancy, but that doesn't mean you won't have be inappropriate.
Tony (the token gay guy guest) had me in stiches. And the usual suspects that usually split my sides didn't fail with stories of unusual insults that parade as compliments that we all have received.

4 hours later, it was getting to be that time where I knew that if I didn't leave, the mimosas would be calling me for more debauchery and I would be sleeping on CS's couch. But as it was, I had paced myself pretty well and was fully satiated and hydrated and sober.

It was the kind of weekend where if only one of those things had happened, I would have been thrilled. But here I was, getting to experience such wonderful little luxuries with some pretty amazing people.

Who am I to get to?

The girl who walked through the magic curtain.
I don't know how or when it happened, but it did.
Maybe it's less of a curtain than it is like one of those "Get Smart" doors that close behind you.
Or open in front of you.
You don't get to look back from whence you came and the future is a surprise you only see as it's about to happen.

The curtain feels more magical.
The "Get Smart" doors seem funnier.
And I seem happier.

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April 03, 2009

The Adventures of Evil Kirsten: Fan Girl's House of Blues

The fan in me loved to obsess about the music and the lyrics and the shows.
The friend in me knew that coming off like an obsessed fan looked obnoxious.
But it didn't deter me from not so secretly still obsessing.

My friend Evren has a band called Evil Maria.
Before it was called Evil Maria, it was just his name.
And before I was a fan to them, I had been a fan to a few other bands in the same manner.

I love all music. But there are only a handful of times I have totally lost my shit over a band. More often, you will see me go bonkers for a TV show or for a particular movie. I usually like songs rather than bands, so when I find a band that sort of jumps out and makes me take note, I kind of throw my hands up and give in. And I do it with a smile on my face. A crazy-eyed smile.

And I did that with Evil Maria.
I never missed an Evren/Evil Maria show.
Mads always made fun of me because I knew all the words to all the songs and would dance like that crazy fan every band has.
But since I live a life filled with embarrassing moments, I wasn't fazed by the mockery.

In the past year, however, it has been awhile since I have been able to attend a show.
Maybe it is due in part to the fact that I have started to focus more on my own performing, or maybe it has been because of timing.

So when I heard that Evil Maria was playing at the House of Blues Parish Room last night I made sure to show up.

It turned into one of those magical nights that I will stash away into the corner of my brain where my rosy colored memories live.

The night begain with me driving to Jazzy's where she had our favorite dishes from our favorite Thai restaurant waiting.

And after scrupmtious Broccoli Chicken from Melanee Thai, a glass of wine, some dessert and a couple of wardrobe changes, we were headed down La Cienega towards Sunset.

Walking in, we immediately saw Pete and Evren.
They were being delayed in starting because apparently, the presence of some record executives coming for one of the bands on the main stage, pushed back all the other shows in other rooms by several hours.

This didn't slow Jazzy and me down. We headed to the Foundation Room with mouths agape at the lushness of the decor and with arms readied to push and shove as it was quite crowded in there.

The view of LA was slightly covered in a light misty fog that would almost make you think it was October except that the temperature was in the 70s. We ran into a friend of Jazzy's who bought us the first round. He plays in Courtney Love's band and was quite funny. When my bag tumbled upside down off the barstool with all my items splayed on the floor, he watched me pick everything up. He didn't help me. He just pointed to things like, "Is that an Ipod? What were you listening to?"
"Oingo Boingo"

And a minute after I said that, an Oingo Boingo song came on in the bar.

But there was no time for ohhing and ahhing at my psychic ability as Jazzy's friend eyed my lip balm and thought it was lube. I scrambled to make sure everything went back into the bag (aka black hole) without having to answer further pervy questions. Success was achieved. Whew.

There was a drunk man at the bar who without the help of his supportive shoes may have fallen over. He pushed me and then apologized and then told me to punch him since he has no testosterone.

"That is just a weird thing to say," Jazzy said to me.
"But it might just be true." I said in ear shot of him.
He just smiled like the happy drunk he apparently was.

He also tried to hit on Jazzy...and Jazzy's friend.
When he found us still at the bar an hour later, he approached us like we were old friends.
Evil Kirsten played a little teeny tiny mind game on him.
No harm no foul and he was none the wiser and I got a laugh and that is why I do most things so it was a win-win. For me at least.

At one point, Jazzy and I ended up on the back patio. Two women and one man approached me.
"Excuse me, we couldn't help noticing your big bag and we were wondering if you had any gum in there?"
As I reached into the now very rearranged contents of the bag, I told them, "I think I just might. I thought you were going to ask me if I would put your bag inside my big bag while you danced."
"How blond do you think I am?" One woman asked.
"How blond must I be to think that is what you would ask?" and with that I found 3 pieces of gum just for them. We all chuckled. They told me they would pay me. I told them to just say I was gorgeous. Which they did. They were very convincing too. I felt gorgeous.
That could have also been the vodka tonic but you take it where you can get it.

The other woman was purely gleeful, "now I can kiss someone with abandon"
"Yes, wild wintergreen abandon" I said.

I said good-bye to my new pals and headed back in to to see if Evil Maria had started.

The first band was just finishing.

Evren and pals set up pretty quickly and began a great set.

I danced. I sang all the words. I intermittently turned to Jazzy and told her the background of this song and that song. She politely nodded and indulged me with every piece of trivia.

I may not have been to any of their recent shows but I am still true to my fannish nature.

I wished they had played longer but it was wonderful. They played some of the new stuff and several of the old songs. It brought me back to the way I used to feel at the shows.
But on this night, there was a peace I had been missing before.

Maybe it was a culmination of everything that had preceded it or just the fact that things just seem plain easier for me lately. Whatever it was, I slept more peacefully on 5 hours sleep last night than I have while getting 8 hours a night this past week.

Feeling like a fan never felt so good.

Ironic that I had to go to a place with Blues in the name to feel so ...whatever the opposite of blue is. For some reason, I want to say "shiny" although that is technically not a color.

And now don't mind me...I have recently become a fan of another band in the same manner.
If you see me at a Ruby Friedman Orchestra show in the near future singing and swaying, don't bother trying to mock me. I am aware that I am that nerdy.

And apparently, I don't care.

Rock on!

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April 02, 2009

Facing It

I have always mocked people who claim that they walk into things.
Like doors. Or walls.

How do you walk into a door? Or a wall? And still function in normal life doing normal things like driving? I just didn't get it? I understand that some people are clumsy.
Jazzy and My Neighbor Lisa are self-confessed klutzes.
But they are also risk takers which therefore ups their chances for injury.
But to be doing somethig so everyday like walking, next to something everyday like a door, well, I just had no sense of compassion.

And to that I must say, personal karma exists, my friends.

Yesterday, as I was walking out of my apartment building in a hurry, I turned the handle of the steel screen door and kept walking.
Only thing is that I didn't turn the handle far enough.
My face hit the metal door with a slam.

There was a scratch, some blood, a bump and yes some swearing.

And also the acknowledgement that people sometimes, do indeed walk into doors

While simultaneously eating humble pie.

Now if you could be more compassionate than I was and get me a band-aid, that would be mighty kind of you.

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